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Over many years of field service experience, the shortcomings of traditional gasket styles in problematic heat exchanger applications is well known to Flexitallic Engineers.

With the objective to address such issues, extensive research and development work was undertaken that resulted in the production of a new gasket called 'Change'.

The Change Gasket has been designed to possess the optimum combination of both stiffness and resilience and is capable of effecting a high performance seal under conditions of long term cyclic service, such as those encountered in demanding shell and tube heat exchanger sealing applications. 

Any application that has temperature cycling introduces pipe movement (expansion/contraction
which will impact the tightness of the bolted connection, resulting in possible leakage.

  • Flexitallic celebrates safety milestone
    Flexitallic celebrates safety milestone
  • Thermiculite® High Temperature Material – Invincible against Heat.
  • Flexitallic invest $4M in Middle East manufacturing facility
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