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The term ‘high pressure’ means a seal or gasket that has been designed to operate within ambient pressure to over 20,000 psi*.

*psi is the maximum pressure the seal will be subjected to, if high pressures are a requirement.

The internal pressure refers to the forces that are trying to unseal or blow a gasket/joint by exerting pressure against the gasket and the flanges which hold the gasket in place.  

Typical high pressure applications are often found in heat exchangers, boiler handholes, manholes and steam applications.  

Metal gaskets can endure most pressures, Ring Type Joint Gaskets (RTJ’s) are mostly used in the offshore oil and gas industry and are designed to work under extremely high pressures, they are
commonly used on valves and pipework assemblies, and high integrity pressure vessel joints.


    Ring Type Joint - RTJ
    • Metal wound heat exchanger gasket, performs 60% longer than any other gasket.


    • Metallic gaskets suitable for high pressure applications
  • SABIC enhances workforce skills with The Academy Of Joint Integrity
    SABIC enhances workforce skills with The Academy Of Joint Integrity
  • Thermiculite® High Temperature Material – Invincible against Heat.
  • Change™ Gasket – Our best gasket yet - proven to perform 60% longer!
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