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Electrical Isolation

The worlds only high operating temperature Isolation Gasket

Insulation Gasket Kits (sometimes referred to as Isolation Kits) are typically used on offshore installations, seawater environments, chemical installation, oil refinery pipelines where galvanic corrosion protection and electrical insulation is required.

The kits are designed for electrical flange insulation and they are used as an insulator between dissimilar metal flanges or to electrically isolate sections of pipework in cathodic protection systems, preventing the flow of electrostatic charge along the pipelines.

Each kit will comprise of:

  • Insulating gasket - 1 per flange
  • Insulating sleeves/tubes  - 1 per flange bolt
  • Insulating Washers  - 2 per flange bolt
  • Metallic backing Washers  - 2 per flange bolt
  • The Solution: I-FLEX ISOLATION KIT

    I-Flex isolation kit

    Flexitallic I-Flex Isolation Kits provide a complete solution for Electrical Isolation, also available with Thermiculite for high temperatures up to 1000°C.

  • SABIC enhances workforce skills with The Academy Of Joint Integrity
    SABIC enhances workforce skills with The Academy Of Joint Integrity
  • Thermiculite® High Temperature Material – Invincible against Heat.
  • Change™ Gasket – Our best gasket yet - proven to perform 60% longer!
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