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Cyrogenic is the term used for materials or applications which need to operate at very low temperatures – typically at or below  -150°C/-238°F.   

Liquefied gases (LNG), such as liquid nitrogen and liquid helium, are used in many cryogenic applications, as well as hydrocarbons with low freezing points, refrigerants and coolants.

The term Cyrogenic seal/gasket is the name given to any mechanical seal that is sealing a product with a temperature below 0 degrees Celsius.

When selecting a gasket or sealing material to be used in cryogenic service then it is important that the material can withstand cryogenic temperatures.

Low temperature applications are found across many industries, these include:

  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Refrigeration
  • Petroleum
  • Automotive

    Thermiculite Range


    • Can be used in temperatures from cryogenic up to 1000°C


    FRG/FRG-CS (Cryogenic)

    • The FRG-CS conforms to extreme cryogenic service demands.
  • Flexitallic celebrates safety milestone
    Flexitallic celebrates safety milestone
  • Thermiculite® High Temperature Material – Invincible against Heat.
  • Flexitallic invest $4M in Middle East manufacturing facility
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